The most expensive iphone ever

Posted: Sunday, October 17, 2010 by black in

This is the most expensive iphone in the world.

The British Company Stuart Hughes produced this Iphone for the price of 8 Mio $, which is 5,6 Mio €.
It has over 500 diamonds with more than 100 carat, 53 of them in the Apple logo.
The home button is made of Platin and has 2 exchangable diamonds worth 4,5 Mio €.
It is delivered in a 7kg box of granite that is lined with nubuck leather.

There are just 2 phones worldwide, so hurry up if you want to buy one :D

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  1. ihazasad says:

    i don´t even have a normal iphone ;D

  1. black says:

    I have the old 2g :) but just for one more week I hope

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stupid rich peoeple.

  1. Anonymous says:


  1. Drew says:

    D: what happened to the cheap cases lol... looks good but damn you dont have to waste the money on an ipod! feed a country with the money...