The most expensive iphone ever

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This is the most expensive iphone in the world.

The British Company Stuart Hughes produced this Iphone for the price of 8 Mio $, which is 5,6 Mio €.
It has over 500 diamonds with more than 100 carat, 53 of them in the Apple logo.
The home button is made of Platin and has 2 exchangable diamonds worth 4,5 Mio €.
It is delivered in a 7kg box of granite that is lined with nubuck leather.

There are just 2 phones worldwide, so hurry up if you want to buy one :D

Talking with CleverBot

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Something really cool when you´re bored. And he IS clever.

Ignis Solus

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Hi guys.

This video is "starring" one of the characters of the PC-Game Team Fortress 2.
The Pyro is perhaps one of the most hated, and one of the most mysterious classes in TF2.
Because he wears a full-body-suit, nobody knows WHO he really is. Or if the pyro really is male.
There are rumors that this could maybe be a female character.

This video now is a bit sad.
But the editing is awesome. So even if you don´t know the game, I recommend watching.


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Hey guys,

after a short break, I have a picture this time.
PLEASE, if you don´t see it right away, take your time... 
I needed about 5 minutes staring at it.
In my opinion one of the best pictures of this kind.

Get your mind blown!

Thank god those days are gone

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So yesterday, I found these pics on one of my favourite websites and they reminded me about the time when my dad bought our first computer. 133 Mhz, 16mb ram and so on...
 - for approximately 2500€

2 years later, this machine was worth 250€ or even less.

but have a look :)

I especially love the logitech mice :)

Tractor racing!

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Oh well.

If you dont understand a single word, don´t worry. They are from Switzerland and are speaking some kind of a german dialect, but not even I, as a German can understand more than two words in a row.
But the whole beat is really cool and dunno, kinda liked it :)

Welcome to "What teh duck?!"

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Hi everybody,

This is my new blog were I will show you guys stuff that causes those "what the duck?!" moments in life.
These can be videos, pictures, songs, news or just stories of my own everyday-life.

Be prepared for the most spectacular, stunning, funny and generally awesome content you could ever think of!
(This does not have to be an exaggeration => )